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Using your menstrual cycle to boost your introverted energy

Holistic nutritionist and women's wellness coach, Kristie Becker, shares with us about the energetic phases of the menstrual cycle and more in today's podcast.

In This Episode:

Burning out as an introvert in corporate

Shifting your perspective through travel

Moving through grief and pain and creating a life transition

Knowing the energetic phases of the menstrual cycle

Tracking your cycle and scheduling around your energy

Tips on how to get the most out of your energetic cycle

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Kristie Becker, a Women’s Wellness Coach and Holistic Nutritionist. Weaving together life coaching and health coaching, Kristie supports her clients to restore a sense of wholeness, align with their natural rhythms and feel empowered in their self care, so they can embrace more ease, balance and flow. Through her coaching and workshops, Kristie encourages clients to create simple and sustainable change, reconnect to their innate wisdom and create a life that feels nourishing on every level.


Contact Kristie here: Website | Instagram

Menstruation cycle apps: Natural Cycles | Clue

Kristie’s book recommendation: Period Power by Maisie Hill


Kristie’s Free Ebook: Return to Wholeness

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