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Coaching with me

It's time to carve out time for you and recharge your life!

You're ready to stop saying:

"Maybe one day."

"I'll get to that later."

"It's alright, it's just a busy time. I'll revisit it later."

Cuz you know the truth. Your dreams are perpetually on hold. Because you never seem to have the energy or time to focus on them.

It's time to carve out time for you and recharge your life!

You're ready to stop saying:

"Maybe one day."

"I'll get to that later."

"It's alright, it's just a busy time. I'll revisit it later."

Cuz you know the truth - you're dreams are perpetually on hold. Because you never seem to have the energy or time to focus on them.

You’re done feeling overwhelmed and drained and you want to create a life that works for you and your dreams instead of always fitting in around and supporting everyone else’s dreams. Let’s get real – it’s lonely when you don’t have your own dreams to chase.


You’re always everyone else’s cheerleader but never your own.


Let’s transform that!




When was the last time you said yes to yourself?


How much time each week do you carve out for your dreams, goals and passion project?



How much time each week do you carve out for your dreams, goals and passion project?




Did you start to make excuses when you answered the above questions?

If so, coaching is probably not your jam right now. But breathe girl - that's perfectly ok! You are exactly where you need to be beautiful.


You have many more adventures ahead of you and you may just need more time, experiences or research before you come back.

Next step: Check out my blog first and do one small thing this week for only you because it lights you up. You are enough and worthy of some me time right now. 


Did you have an a-ha but kind of sad moment when answering the above questions?

I see that fire burning in you - and your ambitious adventurous soul is ready to dive in deep. This coaching may be for you - read on to find out what transformation you could create and how I can support.

Ok, so we’ve kind of been having a come to Jesus/Buddha/Universe/science moment and I’ve not introduced myself! Before you run away thinking stranger danger – hello!

I’m Heather – an empowerment coach and founder of A Restored Radiance coaching. I help ambitious millennial women like you go from overwhelmed and drained to energetic and free by designing a life and schedule that works for you instead of everyone else!


I help you claim back time and energy so that you can go after your dreams and be there for the VIPs in your life.


But why me? Cuz I was so there in your cute ankle boots for 20 years.


I spent years saying yes to everyone else, wondering why they were getting ahead in life.


I’d tell myself that I just needed to work harder before I saw any results and that I just needed to pay my dues and seize every opportunity. So I said yes to nearly everything until I ended up with stress eczema, anxiety, situational depression and overweight from emotional eating.


I was exhausted. Angry bordering on rage. Wondering why me? Why can’t I move ahead with my life like everyone else? I binged Charmed and Buffy on my couch and was pretty sure a creepy vampire was sucking my life force while I slept in a bed of cookie crumbs.


It wasn’t until I got smacked on the head (quite literally by a flying glass at a festival) that I really started looking at my behaviours, beliefs, values and identity. I stopped playing the victim and making excuses. I started saying no to people and things that weren’t HELL YESES. And I did the deep work to find out who I am and what I want in my life.


And guess what – I’ve never felt freer, had more time or energy! Of course life still throws me curve balls but I know I can move through the hard times because I know who I am, what I want and I have the tools to help me move through the resistance.

Oh exhausted but generous soul. I understand your pain and I see you.


I’m giving you a hug and maybe an eye mask cuz you need a break!


I know the ache for something more, the exhaustion in your bones, the eye twitches, irritability and intense hanger cravings. But I also know how great it feels on the other end.


And I see you there too. Free. Light. Rested. Energetic. Passionate about your life and your VIPs.


I know you can get there too. I can teach you the tools, help you shift your perspective and create a high vibe, energetic and free life that works for you!


The Restored Radiance process

My process is unique. I don’t slap a band-aid or plaster (depending on which country you’re from) on things and give you some affirmations (though I do love a good morning mantra with my gratitude list! Grab my free gift to create your own).

We work on building you a strong foundation for your new life before we add the fun, new decorative flairs.


This includes looking at your current behaviors, beliefs, environments and identity and then reformatting anything that doesn’t serve you or your dream life. We’re going to realign you with the real you that you’ve hidden underneath all those expectations and people pleasing yeses.


I want to help you build strong new habits and schedules that work for you and match your values! You might even discover some hidden self-sabotaging behaviours or fears that used to keep you stuck. Awareness is powerful.


It’s hard work but I know you’re not looking for quick fixes – you’ve been there before and it never worked. You’re looking for a sustainable lifestyle that works for you!


So if you’re ready to transform your life into one that radiates with confidence, energy and freedom – find out how you can work with me!



  • You'll fill out a questionnaire that asks thought-provoking and powerful questions about you and your goals that will guide our coaching series together.

  • Clarify your core values, which will align with your future goals.

  • We meet every other week over Skype/What’s App/FaceTime video or audio for 6 or 12 sessions (over 3 or 6 months). Sessions will last for 1 hour each.

  • You have unlimited email/text access to me in-between sessions. You won’t feel stuck, alone or have to process a situation without my support!

  • You’ll focus on 1-3 specific goals and I’ll hold you accountable, challenged and supported as you smash your goals and create more time and space for your dreams!

  • Worksheets and journaling prompts bespoke to your goals and needs.

  • You carve out a little time for yourself every day to work on your goals during this time. Your new life begins and ends with you – radiant soul!


If you’re serious about coaching with me, book a complimentary 30-45 minute discovery call with me before your coaching begins.

The biggest changes since working with Heather are the strength of my relationships which have greatly improved. 


I also have a clear understanding of what I want in life, I’ve created a life that matches my values and I’m going after some big and exciting dreams like buying a house and starting a business. I finally feel unstuck and know exactly where I want to go.”

Marine, confidence coach, London

Most women live their lives putting everyone first and never working on their own dreams.


They keep telling themselves:

“Once I do this – I will create time for what I want to do.”

“I’m not worthy of having this dream. Who am I to think I can accomplish this?”

“Saying no to others makes me anxious/fearful/unsure.”

“I’m greedy for wanting a little slice of life for me. I should be grateful for what I have.”


And you have said or believed something similar for the longest time too, but you’re now so done with feeling drained, overwhelmed and stressed. You’re ready for change!


When you put in the work under my coaching – your life will transform!


Working with me, you’ll:


  • Create more time and energy for yourself

  • Discover the dreams, goals and values that light you up

  • Learn to kindly say no if it’s not a hell yes

  • Build your confidence

  • Understand that you are worthy of chasing your dreams

  • Feel lighter and freer now that you are aligned with what you value in life

  • Learn to acknowledge and move through any fear, self-sabotage or limiting beliefs that once stopped you from chasing your dreams.

  • Develop better relationships with your VIPs because you’re being loyal and honest with yourself

  • Communicate clearer with yourself and others


So are you ready to start saying yes to you and work with me? I’d love to help you banish your energy vampires.

But before we go all Buffy and co. here’s some more details you may be wondering.


  1. We start our coaching series with a complimentary 30-45 minute discovery call. Before the call, you’ll fill out a client questionnaire. This helps me understand where you’re at, how you’re feeling and where you want to be. We’ll discuss this in the discovery call and it’s also a chance to see if I’m the right coach for you. Because you’re ready for true transformation and not just anyone will do!

  2. If you say yes to the coach – we’ll start our 6 or 12 session coaching series over 3 or 6 months. The number of sessions are dependent on how much support and accountability you want as well as the size of your goals. We will discuss this in our discovery call.

  3. During the coaching series you’ll decide on 1-3 goals you’d like to focus on working towards over the next few months. Each session will run for 1 hour over video or audio Skype/What’s App or FaceTime – you get to choose what works for you!

  4. Between each session – I offer text or email support. I aim to respond within 24 hrs (dependent on time zones). You can grow a lot during this time and email or text support is a great chance to ask questions, work through any struggles or sticky points you may be facing. You’re not alone – you got your energy vampire hunting cheerleader right here!

  5. This is YOUR time to work on moving forward on your goals. It’s all about you gorgeous! I’m your cheerleader and coach – not your husband, boss, mom or Charlie the barista.

  6. You commit to do 1 small (and sometimes very small) thing every day towards your goals during the months we work together. I know time is limited but I’m asking you to join me on an experiment. During our few months together, I want you to schedule in time once a day where you work towards your goals. This is you time and it’s precious. And I want to hear how you feel after spending this time with yourself at the end of our coaching series. You can go back to your old habits if you want to afterwards – but I bet a chocolate chip cookie that you won’t want to.

  7. My working hours are Monday-Thursday 6:30-10pm and Saturdays 9am-6pm. All hours are in British Summer Time/Greenwich Mean Time. Check out what this time means for you. And if you have a special request – reach out. I can’t guarantee anything but it doesn’t hurt to ask now does it?



For a limited time only – I’m offering introductory rates. But these prices won’t last long so if your soul is really craving more energy and time for yourself – book in with me now to secure this one-off special rate!


I’m gifting you the chance to invest in yourself and transform your life at 1/3 off the normal price.


6 sessions coaching series: US $480

12 sessions coaching series: US $960

Payment plan

I know you value this investment in yourself and I want to make sure that you can have this opportunity without feeling financially stretched. You can pay month by month - $160 a month.


You must pay each month before the start of your new session to hold your place.

Discounted pay in full price

If you’d like to pay all at once to fully commit to your investment of time, energy and money – I offer you a further discount as a thank you for putting yourself first! I’m so proud of you radiant soul.


$430 for 6 session series

$925 for 12 session series


That’s a massive half off savings with the introductory offer rate and pay in full discount!

The biggest change was the way I handled stress and criticism from others.

Once I addressed this, people have noticed that I no longer am affected and upset the way I used to by other people’s energies. This has made me feel so free to be me while no longer burning mental energy on thinking what others may think. I show up better and my relationships have become stronger."

Kate London, life coach, Australia

  • You’re excited for a change and ready to do whatever it takes.

  • Eager to learn and apply new knowledge.

  • Committed to showing up at every session and completing all action steps that you set for yourself.

  • You see coaching as an INVESTMENT into your future.

  • Not afraid to move through the fear and/or discomfort that change brings up.

  • You’re ready to carve out daily time for yourself and this work – even with your hectic schedule.

  • You’re ready to work through any self-sabotage or limiting beliefs that pop up for you.

  • You will commit to the whole coaching series – from start to finish.


  • Someone who has an “I already know that” mindset.

  • Stuck making excuses for why you have no time or energy.

  • Unwilling to take 100% responsibility for your reality.

  • Not wanting to hear a few sassy curse words from your coach from time to time.

  • Looking for a quick fix to your problems.

  • Looking for therapy, rather than coaching.

  • Wants someone to do the work for you.

  • Someone who doesn’t finish what they start.

  • Is not willing to commit the time or energy for this coaching series.

  • Constantly bails on scheduled commitments for herself.



How much time per week do I need to dedicate to this?

Our calls are every other week and last 1 hour. After every session, you’ll have set actions to complete within the two weeks before our next session.


In order to stay accountable and achieve your actions, I encourage you to set time aside every day to complete 1 small thing towards your actions.


What do I need for our coaching sessions?

Please make sure you have a strong Internet connection (home signals are usually the best) and wear a headset (or the Apple headphones with microphone) for the clearest and best audio. This reduces the likelihood of any interference in your audio.

Make sure you have a pad of paper and a pen to take any notes – especially to list your goals and action steps.


Can’t afford it?

Please don’t place yourself under serious financial strain to work with me! But it’s also great to consider:

  • How much is it going to cost you to continue to be stuck where you are?

  • What are things costing you right now that can be changed for the better?


Investing in yourself is one of the best return on investments. Not only does this knowledge stay with you for life but it also impacts your VIPs.


I’m super busy. What if I don’t have time to make some of the coaching sessions right now?

I know sometimes life happens and you’re super busy and ambitious. But as I know scheduling and your time are two things you’re probably having trouble committing fully to – I ask that you commit 100% to this coaching series and this investment in yourself. What you don’t water won’t grow.

I ask that you schedule in your sessions before we start your coaching series. This is a contract between you and me that you honor your time and mine and you commit to your growth, development, time and energy.

Should emergencies happen – I’m happy to reschedule up to half of your sessions though please give me as much notice (text is preferable) as possible so that I can reschedule you in to the next available spot without too much of a delay. I don’t want you to lose momentum!

Are there payment plans available?

There are! Plus, you’re getting a limited-time offer introductory offer – cuz I take care of you girl!

You can pay month by month - $160 a month.


You must pay each month before the start of your new session to hold your place.

Do you give refunds

Due to the transformative nature of this work, there are no refunds available.

Can you guarantee results?

If you do the work, commit yourself 100% you will see some beautiful growth and change in your life! But because I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work, I unfortunately can’t guarantee that you’ll get results. It’s your responsibility to show up 100% of the time and take initiative in your own personal growth and development.

I have clinical depression. Will this help me?

Unfortunately, I am not a trained psychologist or medical doctor so I can’t take a client that has a clinical diagnosis. I wish you all the best in your treatment with a medical professional. I’m sending you tons of love and healing energy your way.


Still have questions?

I’m happy to help! Send me an email at


If you made it this far down the page, it’s probably because you’re ready for a transformation and considering coaching with me.


You might be asking yourself how things will be different this time...worried you might invest in another one of those programs and not see results.


I know we don’t know each other yet, but I can promise you this – I show up fully for you and if you do the work – you’ll see change! It’s all up to how you show up for yourself.


I know it’s a big commitment and you might be feeling a little scare right now. But let me ask you:

How many times has saying no to yourself and listening to your fear gotten you the results you’re looking for?


Why not try something new?


Fear. We all battle it from time to time. Let’s bust through your fear together and know that I’ll be with you the whole way.


If you don’t try something new – you may never experience the freedom, time and energy that you crave and deserve.


I know that sucks to hear – but then again the energy suck currently in your life is worse.


So why not listen to that ambitious, adventurous soul of yours who’s whispering she needs a change?

Stress bust & energy boost your day in 5 minutes