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You don't have to buy fancy props to practice restorative yoga but if you practice regularly and want to treat yourself, here's links to my recommended props on Amazon*. 


*To be fully transparent, I get a commission of your purchase if you use the links below. This helps me offer the free monthly yoga class to everyone. 

0.33 Inch Non-Slip Yoga Mat

$38.62 (Amazon Prime option)

This mat is close to the mat I’ve been using the same one for 6 years. I love a non-slip mat for its versatility. I can bring it to yoga sculpt or hot/power yoga and not slip in my own sweat while the thickness provides a nice cushion for my joints.

Buy Here


Gaim 0.40 Inch Yoga Mat

$28.42 (Amazon Prime option)

If you want a thicker mat, this one will give you more comfort for your joints.

Buy Here


Buckwheat Bolster


I prefer the sturdiness of buckwheat bolsters to stack on blocks during restorative yoga. I recommend having two bolsters but you can also use pillows, though depending on the density, they may not provide as much support. If you're practicing often you may want to invest in a quality bolster or two.

Buy Here


Mexican Blanket

$24.95 (Amazon Prime  option)

I recommend 2 blankets of this density so that they offer support in certain poses. These are a cheaper alternative to the Manduka blankets.

Buy Here


Manduka Cotton Blanket

$51.87 (Amazon Prime option)

Dark grey Peruvian cotton. I prefer the weight and color scheme of this but you can also use cheaper Mexican blankets. I've provided those here too. You want a dense blanket that you can easily fold for certain poses.

Buy Here


Cork Yoga Blocks (2) with Strap

$23.89 (Amazon Prime option)

I prefer cork blocks because of their sturdiness for resting heavier buckwheat bolsters on them. The strap is helpful for wrapping around legs in some poses. You can also use a bathrobe tie instead.

Buy Here

Satin Lavender Eye Pillow

$13.95-$17.95 (depending on color)

This is a slightly weighted and scented eye pillow (filled with flaxseed and lavender buds). Lavender is a calming scent and this pillow can be a wonderful treat for a long shavasana during your restorative yoga class. However, you can also simply fold a hand cloth over your eyes to block out the light and even add a couple of drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil on the cloth.

Buy Here 

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