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Minimizing the Introverted Hangover

“Once you start making small steps, you realize that you’ve built something up in your head way more than what actual reality is going to present. It strengthens your confidence muscle.”

In This Episode:

Honest introverted mom life

Switching careers as an entrepreneur

Difference between shyness and introversion

The benefits of running towards your fears

What is an introverted hangover

How do deal with the introverted hangover

Why mindset is important as an entrepreneur

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Sara Lewis, an introverted entrepreneur success coach.

Sara Lewis loves to empower introverted small business owners to use their personality to their advantage. As the founder of Introverts Emerge, she created a brand dedicated to the growth of introverted entrepreneurs. Through coaching and training, Sara helps entrepreneurs put themselves out there, gain confidence, and grow their business successfully.

She has written for multiple trade journals including the IDEA Fitness Journal, Personal Fitness Professional, and When she’s not coaching, you can find Sara relaxing at home, walking her dog, or reading a good book.


Contact Sara here: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Clubhouse @saralewis


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