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Recovering from addiction, perfectionism and overachieving

In This Episode, Lexx Ellins, a Canadian military introvert and life coach shares:

Using drugs and alcohol to pretend to be extroverted

Being an introverted woman in the military

Perfectionism in marriage

Life with OCD, social anxiety and depression

Living a sober life

Using perfectionism as a shield

Difference between perfectionism and overachieving

Breaking the expectation of always giving

Moving through perfectionism

Shame during the recovery process

How shame keeps you in perfectionism

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Lexx Ellins, a life coach and member of the Canadian military.

She is on a mission of empowering women to embrace their individuality, rebel against the status quo, and live in alignment with their authentic self.

Her jam is helping women to reduce overwhelm, create space in their lives to learn to love themselves, and embody their uniqueness in every area of their lives.

Lexx is a coffee loving bookworm, mum to three adorable fur babies, and travel loving minimalist. When she’s not working with her amazing clients she can usually be found hiking with her husky-shepherd, binge watching Outlander, or planning her next adventure.


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