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$200k in Debt + Doubt to 6 Figure Self-Love Business Owner

In This Episode:

Actioning a dream despite fear

The #1 thing holding you back from your dreams

A simple hack to remove judgement and criticism

What are emotional frequencies and how do they impact you

The connection between personal accountability and self love

The power of acceptance when you don’t have clarity

A short guided meditation on acceptance and self love

Reframing your patterns + beliefs to invest in yourself

Giving yourself 90 days to stretch yourself

Tips to release self doubt

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Dr. Onalee Makam, a self love healer, doctor of chiropractic and host of come hOMe podcast.

Dr. Onalee has helped hundreds of women learn to love and accept themselves. Onalee’s mission is to empower, motivate, brighten and inspire people to come hOMe to who they really are so they can step into their power. Onalee uses spiritual and practical tools to help women step into their higher selves and become who they are meant to be. She uses her intuition to help remove blocks that are preventing people from getting their desires- whether it's the man, the dream body, health, or career.


Contact Dr. Onalee here: Website | Podcast | Instagram | Facebook


Dr. Onalee’s Free Gift: Self Love Meditation

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