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Hey there you radiant soul!

I see you.

And love, I’m giving you a virtual hug right now and maybe a blanket and pillow. Cuz let’s truth talk – you’re exhausted.


Where are you in your life right now at this moment?


You’ve been on the verge of tears all day or maybe all week if your eyeballs weren’t so freakin’ tired, dry and struggling to stay open.


And you’re pretty convinced a vampire visits you at night and drains you of all energy.


Cuz you wake up every day and it gets harder and harder to go after what you want – or at least what you think you want.


But the scariest thing - you don’t really know what you want anymore.


And that frustrates the hell outta you because your ambitious self has ALWAYS known what you wanted. Cue those amazing achievements, awards and accolades.

If you’re completely honest – you’re overwhelmed. And you don’t know what to focus on, what to say yes or no to and you don’t have a roadmap anymore.


The last one was ticked off long ago and somewhere down the line, you stopped creating a new vision and just started daily firefighting. That’s what happens after you get married, buy a house, get the career etc. Now all you’re doing is running on fumes. And you’re afraid one day you’re going to walk into a room and have it burst into flames like that scary 70s film character – Carrie.


But this fire – this anger isn’t you. You used to have fire that lit you up and drove you to create beautiful inspired things. And you want that radiant light back.


You’re ready to reclaim your fire, your energy and your life. You just don’t know what steps to take or how to fit it into your twitchy-eye schedule.

That’s where I come in!


I’m Heather by the way. I’m an empowerment coach and founder of A Restored Radiance coaching. I think you’re an amazingly fierce, ambitious and adventurous soul who deserves a life that nourishes you instead of drains you!


I’m here to give you permission to recharge YOURSELF. Cuz I’m YOUR cheerleader. Not your Aunt Suzie’s or Chad’s in accounting. Nah. It’s allll about you and you deserve it. And not in a millennial “I’m special for participating way” but because you are a radiant soul who can give so much love and kindness to others. But before you can help others, you first need to create a sustainable lifestyle that provides YOU with consistent energy.


We’re going to dive in deep, discover your real self and get to know her. You may have heard her whispers before - perhaps at night when you can’t sleep cuz you’re hopped up on anxious thoughts, to-do lists, energy drinks, coffee and your phone’s blue light. Let’s work together to change her whisper to a roar.


It’s time to recharge, find that creative and adventurous you that’s underneath a million layers of expectations, responsibilities and yeses to everyone else.


And no I’m not a mindreading vampire.

I get you cuz  


I spent two decades living in fear of being seen for my real myself (hands up recovering perfectionist) and a deep fear of upsetting someone if I said no.

And so I said YES a lot. No gave me anxiety and made me sick to my stomach.


So I lived my years of yeses. I told myself I was fine because I really didn’t know any other way. I told myself I was just laid back and just went with the flow.


And I made all those yeses fit into my schedule because I was creative, strong and resilient. But can I tell you the truth (cuz we’re friends, chilling out on the porch with a cup of tea and a blanket)?


I ended up with stress eczema, anxiety and situational depression. And the international life I had worked hard to build started unraveling.


Sleeping on my couch re-watching Charmed and Buffy - drained of all energy (full circle vampire reference – I hat tip to you).


Walking to work and having to consciously will my legs to not crumple into a pool under me.


I literally had to get hit in the head in a busy nightclub because I didn’t call it a night when I wanted to before I said WTF. (Side note: True story. I have a scar named Frankie on my forehead to prove it.)

And that's when I said:




How did I get here with itchy stitches, anger and exhaustion? It was time to get answers.


I stripped everything back to some 90s retro minimalism before I rebuilt and recharged - slowly adding in things and people (aka tons of coaching sessions, trainings, workshops, meditations and yoga classes) that were aligned with the me I was discovering for the first time. The person I once buried underneath all those yeses. And she is pretty radiant with all of her nos and a few sincere and aligned hell yeses.


And you know what? I feel so FREE and LIGHT and ALIVE!


But this feeling is your right too.

Your radiant soul is itching to feel light and free. And I gotcha! I can show you how to recharge your energy and light that fire in your soul.

Cuz that’s what I do! I help women go from overwhelmed and drained to energetic and restored by designing a life that works for them.


And because we’re still chilling out on that porch with our cups of teas and we’ve broken into the chocolate, we’re pretty much good friends now. I don’t share my chocolate with just anyone!






I got the stitches to prove it and the tools to share with you.


Cuz if I can make it out, burn the shit to the ground and create a new roadmap for the energetic and passionate life I truly want – you can too.




But we’re a team so results only happen if you truly want it and are ready to do the hard, dirty work.


We’re talking coals to diamonds here. I’m your guide who’ll lovingly hold you accountable but you have to be willing to do the work.


If you do – you can create freedom, discover your passions, create time for you and prioritize you!






I’ve graduated from the International Coaching Federation-accredited (the only governing body that oversees the coaching profession) Beautiful You Coaching Academy and I’m constantly topping up on my knowledge and learning from the best in the biz to be the best for you cuz you deserve it.


And you know I’m ambitious like you. I have a bachelor’s in journalism and an international master’s in public policy. But my heart and soul are with coaching – and you!





You’ll hear me snorting or cackling most days to myself or with others (no shame in the Sanderson Sister cackle game) and crying over sloths (Kristen Bell – if you’re reading – can we be sloth friends?) and other adorable Instagram animals.


Let’s discover your empowered self. She’s high vibe, radiant and excited about her life. That’s future you and she’s been waiting for you to catch up for a LONG time.


Stop telling her no.


Let’s roadtrip together and find her.


What are you looking for?


You ready for more? Whether you want to dip your toes in or dive in deep – I got you!

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