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People say I radiate energy and that I’m the most social introvert they have met.


You’ll either find me having soulful 1:1/small group chats or in my inspiring zen den.



You are in a life transition right now and it feels sticky and uncertain.​ Deep breath. You are in a safe, supported space that's right for you.

Whether you're about to move cities or countries; considering a new career path or wanting to redefine your leadership style to match your energy levels as an introvert. I got you!


Adventures and bravery aren’t only for extroverts. Introverts just do it differently. But if you follow all those extroverted, hustle influencers out there and don’t develop your own schedule and energy management techniques—you are quickly headed for burnout. 


You are searching for a way to lead that matches who you really are underneath that extroverted mask. You want more time and energy, alone time, quality connection, rest, play, joy, clarity and to prioritize and identify your purpose. You want to create an intentional schedule where you're achieving your own goals rather than always reacting and fighting fires for everyone else or simply acting like someone else. You want to feel empowered and you need support.


Take a deep breath in and then let it out slowly. You can stop looking. You have found the right place and it's time to heal and create the introvert leader who you were always meant to be. You are perfect as you are. Your perceived weaknesses are your strengths and I can’t wait to see what you can create once you harness this.


I want you to stop right now and read the following sentence out loud five times. Why? Because spoken words have power.


I am a strong, resilient and tenacious ambitious introvert. 


Why? Because I know you haven’t taken the time to acknowledge your strength and focus over the last few years. Instead you’ve berated yourself for not working hard enough as a fake extrovert. So why change now? Why can’t you just continue as normal?


Well you could continue as you’ve always done. But truth talk—t’s just going to be harder, slower, more tiring, more frustrating and not as fun. And something tells me you’re reading this because you’re tired of the status quo and you want more ease, efficiency, peace and focus. 


That’s because you know that in order to up level as the mission-driven leader you want to be, you need to shed your mask and own your unique set of skills, energy, voice and preferences. Your individuality is refreshing and will be what sets you apart and draws people to you. Leaders don’t blend in. It’s time to be seen as the strong ambitious introvert that you are.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent your whole life trying to pretend to be an extrovert at school, work and anywhere else to get ahead. Because society told us that to be successful we have to be extroverted.





Give speeches.

Talk over people in the meeting.

Be the one heard and seen the most.



Be loud.


So you did. Between you and I, you’re pretty good at it even though it’s always super awkward, uncomfortable and exhausting. In fact, where’s your Oscar and pay rise for that performance cuz it deserves a standing ovation!


But if you’re being honest right now—it’s not working. You are about to embark on a life transition whether that be moving cities/countries, changing careers or wanting to become a leader in your field. But you simply don’t have the energy right now to invest in what you want to do. Right now you are over-committed and disconnected. Too tired to connect with those who bring you joy. Instead you follow a routine of mindless scrolling through social media and binge watch Netflix at the end of your busy day to unwind. And yet, you still have a hard time falling asleep.


You’re over-committed with your schedule and you’re not even sure that what you’re doing all day is even aligned with who you are or what you want. You never have enough time to think about what your next goals are let alone prioritize them! And your energy is drained alllll the time. Frankly, you’re exhausted—you start every day in a rush putting that makeup on in the car to work and ending every day as an Instagram zombie not even remembering what you just scrolled through. And if you had the energy to change this pattern, you would. What would really help your exhausted soul is a roadmap to that change.


I got your introverted back sis! And I’m providing you with a blanket, book and cup of tea too—cuz you know that’s what you secretly want right now. Your sleep deprived eyeballs do NOT need coffee right now. Just sayin’.

That’s where I come in!


Let me introduce myself cuz my Midwestern mama didn’t raise me to be rude! And like a true introvert, I ain’t gonna bore you with talk about the weather—yawn. Gross. Hiss.


I’m Heather by the way. I am the Ambitious Introvert Coach and founder of A Restored Radiance coaching. I help ambitious introverted women discover their own leadership style, navigate life’s transitions and confidently lead and communicate their priorities. 


I have spent more than a decade training CEOs, directors, entrepreneurs and VIPs to communicate and market themselves and their mission clearly and effectively in global broadcast, digital, print, speeches, launches and with their diverse staff. I’m a natural connector—having built loyal and longstanding communities in the UK and US as a dual citizen of both countries (one by birth and another through bravery and adventure).

I'm an ambitious introvert just like you. Not only do I have a Masters in Comparative Public Policy and a Bachelors in Journalism, I am also a graduate from the International Coaching Federation-accredited (the only governing body that oversees the coaching profession) Beautiful You Coaching Academy.  I’m constantly topping up on my knowledge and learning from the best in the biz so that I can be the best for you. Nurturing and empowering ambitious introverted leaders like you is my priority.


I’m here to help you accomplish your life transition without all the extra stress and burnout. It's time for you to embrace your introverted skills and up-level as the introverted leader you were meant to be.


It’s time to shed that extroverted mask, recharge, find that creative and adventurous you that’s underneath a million layers of expectations, responsibilities and yeses to everyone else.


And no I’m not a mind reader.

I get you cuz  

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I spent two decades living in fear of being seen for my real introverted self.

I used to be terrified of speaking, being seen, promoting myself and getting stuck in a dreaded networking lunch. I was confused why I felt energized by some people yet exhausted by others. I believed as an introvert, I wouldn’t be able to be a leader as I couldn’t manage to be loud, energetic and in your face all the time. That uber masculine and extroverted leader was so not me. So where did that leave me when I couldn’t see anyone model other types of leaders?


I spent three decades not being seen nor heard unless absolutely necessary. Don’t believe me? Here’s two comments made at two separate points in my life.


“Heather’s nice but it would be good if she spoke.”

– 2nd grade report card comment from my teacher Mrs. Little


“Heather lacks gravitas.”

– A former CEO of mine


Ouch. My ego was bruised but that last comment really hit home for me. It took me a while to figure out that this perceived lack of “gravitas” was really me giving my power away. I wasn’t owning my own strengths or trusting myself. I was conceding my voice and opinions at the decision table. I would be a fake extrovert one minute during press calls and launches and then when I burnt that energy trying to “fake it til I make it” I would sit in complete silence and compliance. I felt like I was two separate people and I was confused and exhausted. How was I going to be promoted, receive more responsibility, grow and get that bigger paycheck if I couldn’t own my space?


No one else was going to believe in me until I believed in myself. You can’t be confused about who you are and lead. You need to identify a direction and follow through. And for that to happen, I needed to shed that extroverted mask and figure out the type of leader I naturally was.


And you know what? I now feel so free, focused, passionate and empowered.


But this feeling is your right too.


Your inner introvert leader is itching to be released in this world and you’re doing a disservice to yourself and others by not modelling your authentic self. I know it’s scary and uncertain getting vulnerable but I got you and the outcome will be so worth it. 


If you are resonating with this and want to create a life where you lead as your authentic self, I recommend carving out some time either travelling to work or during lunch, to read or listen to the following. I hope they provide an energy boost when you need it the most and I can’t wait to meet you.

1 min: Receive weekly zen notes to boost your mindset for your life purpose/ transition

25-60 mins: Listen to the Find Your Focus Podcast For Ambitious Introverts®

45 mins: Let's chat about your leadership goals or life transition


What are you looking for?


You ready for more? Whether you want to dip your toes in or dive in deep–I got you!

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