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Recharge on demand. 

With 8 international retreat leaders specializing in yoga, meditation, nutrition, massage and coaching.

It's like Netflix for your mind, body and soul—ambitious introvert.

This year has been intense. A lot of energy drains, which can lead to burnout and overwhelm for ambitious introverts. Are you exhausted from constantly working or hustling this year? Are you constantly putting out other people’s fires and have no energy left for yourself?

As you work hard to pivot, prepare for the next season and adapt to this global pandemic, I’ve teamed with some of my favorite yoga instructors and wellness experts from around the world to bring to you a virtual, on-demand retreat you can do anytime you need to recharge.

10 minutes to meditate? Check.

30 minutes to take a restorative yoga post-work or an energizing yoga session at lunch? Check.

Dive into a new aspect of yoga, meditation, self-massage, chakras or plant-based nutrition over the weekend? Check.

Struggling with overwhelm and wanting to start prioritizing your needs instead of constantly putting out fires? Spend 30 minutes with me in my new Clear + Focused: Releasing Overwhelm self-guided life coaching course.

Go through at your own pace and then book in with me for a bonus 15 minute 1:1 session to chat through anything you’re struggling with.


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This on-demand virtual retreat is yours to dive in whenever you need it

7 days full of meditation, yoga, nutrition, recipes, massage, coaching and workshops.

Take the time you need to fit this in your schedule.

  • 7 Themed workbooks ​

  • 7 Morning meditations (10-20 minutes)

  • 7 Energizing yoga practices (30 minutes)

  • 7 Delicious smoothie recipes designed by a nutritionist

  • 7 Quick and healthy recipes for lunch/dinner

  • A 7-day Clear + Focused: Releasing Overwhelm coaching course and homework with me, Heather Irish, the Ambitious Introvert's Coach (30 min)

  • 7 Specialized yoga workshops to deepen your knowledge of practice (60 min)​

  • 7 Relaxing yoga practice to ease into your evening (30 min)

  • Plus our Retreat cookbook and a plant-based nutrition workshop 


Release overwhelm and build a sustainable plan to work towards your goals for the next 6-12 months.

Spend just 45 minutes a day in my Clear + Focused: Releasing Overwhelm----a self-guided coaching course I created for you! 

Included in your Rise + Restore Virtual On-demand Retreat!

This year has been an energetic drain. While you come to terms with the many changes this year is throwing your way, you may have gotten into a firefighting routine. Spending your precious limited energy on reacting to the daily demands rather than knowing which items move the needle closer to your own goals and needs. Burning out your limited energy during crises leads to burnout. In this coaching course, designed for the retreat, I help you build a sustainable action plan that recharges your power and gets clear on your goals for the next 6-12 months.

Go through at your own pace and then book in with me for a bonus 15 minute 1:1 session to chat through anything you’re struggling with.

  • Day 1 (45 min): Releasing overwhelm

  • Day 2 (45 min): Creating empowered beliefs

  • Day 3 (30 min): Identifying energy drains

  • Day 4 (45 min): Discovering your core values

  • Day 5 (35 min): Creating soul-aligned goals

  • Day 6 (40 min): Building energized connections

  • Day 7 (35 min): Owning your voice and needs

BONUS: A 1:1 15-min video coaching call with me, the Success Coach for Ambitious Introverts, to talk through any challenges or questions that have come up during the retreat ($50 value).


INCLUDED: Playlists, worksheets, videos, meditations, daily exercises


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I don’t have the time to complete this right now. Can I buy and join later? 

Yes! You make the rules. This retreat is on-demand, allowing you to join a class or two around your busy schedule or wait until you have a week to yourself to create your staycation retreat.


How long do I have access to this retreat?

You can come back to these practices to support you for the rest of the year.


How much time should I budget to complete this retreat?

As a 7-day immersive retreat, you can enjoy 3-4-hrs of retreat content each day. Or doing the practices more gradually over time as your schedule allows. 


What type of yoga classes does this retreat include?

Hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, meditation, yin yoga, gentle yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, self-massage practices and more! We share a mix of all-levels practices, accessible, relaxing & fun!


I’m a beginner yogi, is this retreat for me?

Yes! This is a great opportunity to dive into practice. New students are welcome. With more consistency in a one-week immersion, you may even see more of the positive effects of practice, whether you are new to the mat, or its already home!


What props do I need before I begin this retreat?

A yoga mat is very helpful, so that is a worthy investment. You may also like to have two yoga blocks, 2 therapy balls, a blanket, strap and bolster pillow. But you can get creative with things you already have! Tennis balls, cozy blankets, bed or couch pillows and a scarf or sash from your bathrobe can all be improved yoga props!

I’m not very good at meditating. How will these meditations help me?

Meditation is simply being here on purpose, becoming present to our thoughts and feelings below the surface. Not making them go away. This helpful skill will develop with supportive guidance and practice. There are so many scientifically studied benefits of meditation to support your physical and mental well-being. 


We know times are tough and we wanted to create an affordable and accessible way to put yourself first----all while still providing tons of value for your mind, body and spirit!


This virtual on-demand retreat includes over $850 of unique support for you:

  • 7 day self-led coaching course with videos, worksheets and meditations to take you from overwhelm to focused action (Valued at $399)

  • 6 specialized yoga workshops to help develop your practice (Valued at $180)

  • 14 yoga practices lovingly curated by a team of international teachers (Valued at $100)

  • Daily meal plan & retreat cookbook designed by a plant-based nutritionist & nutrition for wholeness workshop (Valued at $120)

  • BONUS: 15-min 1:1 coaching session (Valued at $50)

YOUR INVESTMENT: Only €108 (That's only roughly $128 or £100)


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