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Tackling the inner mean girl as an introvert

Dealing with the inner mean girl while going through a crisis

In This Episode:

Dealing the inner mean girl while going through a crisis

How ignoring the inner mean girl causes burnout and anxiety

Tips to cope with the mean girl

Losing your job, self doubt and finding your next step

Saying goodbye to an old dream

Creating a supportive community

Being a challenger, questioner and introvert

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Sabrina Johnson, works with fierce females who are ready to own their rebellion, get out of the tick box system, upgrade their mindset, beat their inner critic and ultimately live an unapologetic badass life. She also supports female entrepreneurs with their mindset to ensure they are on a strong high vibe path, focusing on opportunity, not comparisonitis while they build their business. Sabrina is a believer in breaking the rules, questioning the status quo and living life on her terms! This allows her clients to experience the magic of transforming into the untamed woman.


Contact Sabrina here: Website | Instagram

Discount: Find Your Focus listeners get 20% off Sabrina’s coaching services

Sabrina’s reading recommendation: Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba


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