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Tackling overwhelm & finding calm during a global pandemic

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Gabrielle Treanor, a mindset coach for overwhelmed introverts, shares tools to reduce stress and exhaustion while adjusting to social distancing and the global pandemic—coronavirus.

In This Episode:

Staying informed while managing overwhelm in a global pandemic

Using your introverted energy to help those in need

Coping tips for overwhelm flare ups

How the global pandemic is a global grieving period

Experiencing joy and happiness amid uncertain times

Dealing with procrastination and exhaustion

Making an impact as an introvert

Recognizing people pleasing and negative self talk

Why people pleasing and negative self talk drain your energy

Creating boundaries and redefining self talk

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Gabrielle Treanor who is a coach, writer, teacher and podcaster. She helps introverted women lose the overwhelm, feel calmer, more confident, in control and happier. Gabrielle works one-to-one with coaching clients, creates and teaches courses and workshops, runs The Calm Mind Club membership, hosts the Pressing Pause podcast and writes for national and international magazines.


Harvard Business Review article: That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief

Connect with Gabrielle here: Website | Instagram | The Calm Mind Club | Pressing Pause podcast

Gabrielle’s meditation course for beginners: Receive 20% off Exhale. Use the code exhale20 at checkout to get your discount.

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