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Redefining success after injury and failure

Introvert and two-time world champion, Iliana Garcia, shares the lessons she learned from her injuries and coming back stronger.

In This Episode:

Training and performing as an introverted athlete

Dealing with injury at the peak of your career

Learning lessons from failure

Redefining success

Discovering her voice as an introverted mentor

Retraining post-injury and coming back

Doing your best despite failure and injury

Finding your bigger purpose

Fear of failure and pushing through it

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Iliana Garcia, the founder of the Jourknee2Master blog and the 2020 ATA Brand Ambassador. She has been training in martial arts for nearly 20 years. She began her journey when she was 7 years old when her parents enrolled her in ATA Martial Arts to build her self esteem and communication skills.

Iliana is a two-time ATA World Champion and has traveled abroad as far as Korea to represent Team USA in International competition. She is also the 2011 ESPN Invitational Champion & two-time ESPN 360 Women’s Challenger. Although she loves all aspects of training, her favorite continues to be sparring and weapons. It’s no secret that another love of hers is board breaking, which can be seen in her ESPN 360 performances where she breaks dozens of boards in minutes.

Iliana has two bachelors from the University of Florida in marketing and communications and is currently a graduate student at Florida International University. As an aspiring Master instructor, Iliana advocates martial arts for children and adults to enhance their mental, physical, and emotional strengths. She explains, “I am a firm believer that the meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give your gift away. We are responsible for using our gifts to help others grow into the best version of themselves.”

Over the next year, she is documenting her journey through recovery as she prepare to conquer her next goal—mastership.

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