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Jumping despite fear: Why I bought a one-way ticket to Scotland at 22

Going after your dream despite fear, limited resources and the stories you tell.

Episode Notes

Once a month on the podcast, I'll be chatting directly with you on a particular topic. I like to picture us sitting on the couch at my home with our coffees in hand having an introverted deep dive. If you have a particular #ambitiousintrovert question that you'd like answered on the podcast, send me an email or DM me on Instagram

This episode, I'm sharing how I followed my dream of living abroad despite growing up in a working-class family with limited opportunities. I share tips on how you can kickstart your own dreams.

In This Episode I Chat:

Why I bought a one-way ticket to Scotland at 22

Following your dreams despite fear

How you can pursue your dreams even if you have limited resources and role models

How to know when you’re aligned with your dream

Building a new life

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