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Grieving and growth as a solo traveler and expat

EMILY WALSH | Podcast Host and International Teacher

Is there a right or wrong way to grieve?

In This Episode:

How traveling is different as an introvert

Boldly jumping into the unknown

Solo travel as an introvert

Traveling to heal from grief

Using mindfulness to deal with adversity

Meditation as a healing modality

Tapping into your authentic self as an introvert

Episode Notes

On today’s episode, Emily Walsh discusses how she moved through the grief of losing two important people in her life by traveling the world. She embarked on an expat solo journey—leaving the comforts of her hometown—which helped her grow and heal. Emily shares her experiences as an expat and international teacher in Taiwan. Join Emily and Heather Irish as they discuss travel, grief, and how the two can be used when healing a broken heart.


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