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Finding your purpose as a multi-passionate introvert

Discover the 5 step roadmap to your purpose.

In This Episode:

Listening to your intuition

Permission to be yourself

Discovering and identifying your special talents and gifts

Creating a hype file

Following your dream when family and friends don’t support you

Easy ways to invest in your dream

Tips to navigating through the sticky middle of your pivot

5 step roadmap to finding your purpose

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Rowan Woolsey, a mindset mentor and writer. Rowan has been building and growing-million dollar businesses and high-performing teams for nine years. Her stores and teams have won trips, awards, and she has built strong relationships and support within her community. But before all of that, she was a shy, loner, super-into-80s-films, fantasy, and writing her own Alexander Dumas fan fiction (traits that didn't earn her very many friends.) In fact, the bullying gave her a severe stutter and she could not speak in front of others. In order to leave the situation, she put her head down into books, got to work, and enrolled in her first college course at 15 years old.

Now her mission is to empower multi-passionate, messy-bun creatives through coaching and education so they can break up with toxic relationships (starting with their inner-mean girl), discover their self-worth and purpose, and have fulfilling and joyful lives.


Contact Rowan here: Website | Instagram


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