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Is your team, department or company's talent struggling to meet increased deadlines, juggling too many priorities, in pandemic pandemic, overwhelm and/or on the road to burnout? 


As an international corporate communicator, having overseen internal and external communications and an internationally-certified coach, I help teams identify:

  • overwhelm and energy drains

  • tackle communications challenges

  • re-prioritize your weekly/monthly focus

  • introduce communications and organizational tactics to get the most out of your talent, while boosting their morale.

In my experience, it always starts with energy + communication. Often you have two groups---introverts and extroverts---who unintentionally overwhelm or frustrate each other while trying to collaborate on projects, plans, events or relationship management. I provide tools to foster better communication among your team, which increases department productivity and efficiency.


Reach out if you'd like to discuss what bespoke training, workshop facilitating or coaching needs for your team. Or if your budget is tight, check out my Productivity + Communication Blueprint for Teams---a DIY Workshop Guide for Corporate Facilitators. Suits both virtual and in-person professional development workshops.

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