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Energy + Communication Blueprint for Teams and Corporate Facilitators

Energy + Communication Blueprint for Teams and Corporate Facilitators


This digital package provides you with:

  1. A facilitator’s guide to identify communications and energy blocks that are slowing your team’s productivity and lowering its morale. Includes easy to follow steps for the facilitator to hold a digital or in-person workshop---complete with action steps and a timeline for ease. 
  2. My bespoke process for team members to develop a cheat sheet for their colleagues' reference and get the most out of future internal and external collaborations and partnerships.
  3. An accountability structure which will build in a sustainable new process for the team to adjust to this change.


This digital product helps you identify the energy drains and communication issues in your  team, which contribute to a team's overwhelm, burn out and decrease in productivity. A professional development course you can hold either virtual or in-person, without the added rates of an external facilitator. 


Need extra support?

Contact to discuss facilitating the workshop for your team or company.


    This DIY Workshop Structure for Corporate Facilitators provides a PDF guide for facilitators including a timeline and actions to help them plan their professional development workshop with ease.

    It includes a Word Doc exercise for team members to use and a PDF accountability agreement to encourage sustainable change in your team or organization.


    This digital product is not available for returns. Purchaser understand that the results are not guaranteed and it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to make their own opinions, choices, and decisions as well as appropriateness and effectiveness of this digital product.


    Upon purchase, you will have access to the full digital package that you can download. All rights reserved. Please do not forward and share with others. To be used strictly for your team's professional development.

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