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The introverted antidote to overwhelm and bullying

Maharati Ishaya, a monk and Mindset and Conscious Success Coach, shares simple exercises to release stress from your body and address workplace bullying.

In This Episode:

How bullying and trauma can shape your identity and self-beliefs

Why we repeat experiences

How your mind creates meaning from trauma

Identifying your limiting beliefs

Reprogramming your mind and calm anxiety

How slowing down can get you further ahead

How to rebuild self esteem from the inside out—because those bullies really were jealous

How to make a little room inside your head—a portable sanctuary for introverts

How to relearn how to trust yourself and create healthy friendships and relationships

The antidote to overwhelm

Reshaping and claiming your identity

How to start a simple meditation practice for any beginner

Brain spottingA simple exercise to release stress out of your body

Tips to address workplace bullying

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Maharati Ishaya, a Mindset and Conscious Success Coach. She works with heart-led women who are ready to create the life and relationships they crave by breaking out of their mind-created cages and into the version of themselves they were truly born to bebecause everyone deserves to live their full potential.

A practicing monk for over ten years, Maharati believes that we are on the cusp of what she calls the “inside-out revolution.” Her work is to teach people that what they've always known deeply really IS the truth. Introverts are going to change the world because they are more in touch with the knowing that all this clamoring on the outside isn't cutting it. It's time to connect within.


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