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Tackling social anxiety as a travel influencer

An introverted travel blogger's experience of traveling, social anxiety and coming out as gay.

My guest on the show today, Scott McGlashan, is the 39 year old lifestyle influencer and blogger based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He founded Blu Blazer Guy in 2016 – an online destination for premium lifestyle content focusing on his passions: travel, skincare, fragrance, wellbeing and events. As well as collaborating with a vast array of respected global brands, businesses, CEOs and other creative leaders, his blog serves as a vessel to share special moments in his life that have made him into the person he is today. His passion for travel features heavily in his blog where his unique brand of sincerity and cheeky playfulness offers wanderlust readers down-to-earth luxury options for their next international destination. Scott is also the European Travel and Culture Director for the international lifestyle publication, Guild Magazine.

In This Episode:

Social anxiety: Recognizing, getting support and dealing with it

Following your dreams despite social anxiety

His introverted experience while coming out as gay

How to manage your introverted energy when you have a lot of social engagements

Traveling as an introvert

Travel tips for introverts

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Links and Resources:

Connect with Scott here: Blu Blazer Guy Instagram

Get Scott’s travel inspo here: Blu Blazer Guy’s blog

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