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Starting to socially distance date as an introvert

In This Episode

  • Internalizing emotions as an introvert during 2020s ups and downs

  • Processing internalized emotions as an introvert

  • Online dating during the pandemic

  • Rewriting your dating narrative

  • Reaching out to someone on dating apps

  • Introducing fun and joy back into dating

  • The dating opportunities available right now

  • Tips to create a strong dating profile

  • Analysis paralysis + starting to date

  • Tips to address uncertainty in dating

  • Transitioning from texting to video chatting

  • Tips to secure that 3rd date

Note: Many of the examples in this podcast episode are from heterosexual dating examples.

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Lisa Ferrell, a matchmaking expert and founder of both Find My Type Online and in tandem, INC. Lisa is a business owner who loves people but needs her alone time. She enjoys the 1 on 1 time with her clients through Find My Type Online, a consultancy focused on dating profile revisions. To feed her need to connect with others and embrace productivity in a world full of distractions, she created IN TANDEM - a virtual community of doers.



The first step to getting started on a dating profile revision is to submit your info on the website.

Send Lisa an email and she will send the weekly schedule sessions.

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