Quick Tips to Start a Business as an Introvert

In This Episode

From growing up in poverty + navigating anxiety to a six figure business owner

Navigating the male dominated banking sector as a female introvert

Two tips to transition into full-time employment to owning a business

Quick actions to move through fear of lack

Why it’s important to be visible as introverts

Owning your voice in career and business

Public speaking tips with social anxiety

Financial mindsets that are holding you back

Financial tips for new business owners

Why investing and credit are important in personal + business finance

Building wealth as women

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Carrie Barclay, a certified UK accountant, founder of two businesses and a business and financial coach.

Carrie has been working with businesses on their finances for 14 years—understanding the challenges of growing and managing a business, having created a six figure business herself.

She advises female entrepreneurs so that they can grow their business, gain funding, grow investments and gain clarity with their finances.


Contact Carrie here: Her Fearless Finance Website | Instagram | Facebook |


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