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Love and boundaries for introverts during a pandemic

Katherine Phifer, a psychotherapist turned relationship coach chats with us about dating and relationships in the pandemic including tips and how to identify and communicate what you need right now.

In This Episode:

What are boundaries and how to set them in your relationships

How to identify your boundaries when you’re open minded

Common boundary struggles for women and introverts

What to do when your boundaries are violated

Navigating extroverted and introverted relationships

Figuring out boundaries while dating and in new relationships

Dating as an introvert in a pandemic

Communicating in relationships while social distancing

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Katherine Phifer, a psychotherapist turned art therapist, podcaster, educator and relationship coach. She helps women to creatively and boldy find, cultivate and maintain happy relationships. Katherine works with women individually and in a collective setting. She also runs an online platform called The Happy Love Project which inspires healthy relationships with articles and podcast episodes.


Contact Katherine here: Website | Instagram | Facebook

The Happy Love Project: Podcast | Instagram | Facebook | Website


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