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Living Life as a Courageous Empath

VALENCIA VARGAS | Courage Coach for empaths

In This Episode:

What is an empath?

Difference between being an introvert and empath

Difference between highly sensitive person and an empath

How to accept your sensitivity as an asset

The role compassion can support others

How to have confrontations as an empath/sensitive person

Conversation scripts to compassionately share your needs

Tips to protecting your empathic energy

Identifying energy drains

How to reframe your mindset to take courageous action

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Valencia Vargas, a life coach focusing on empowering empathic women to courageously express their truth.

While completing a behavioral modification program for troubled teens as a teenager, Valencia accepted personal responsibility for her life, her thoughts, and her future. She went on to graduate from college at the age of 20 years old. Since then, she has accepted her identity as an empath and introvert while continuing to focus on personal growth. Recognizing the self-awareness and discipline she developed through her own growth inspired Valencia to start her own life coaching business so that she can support other women through their own transformations. She has been a sensitive introvert for her entire life and accepting her identity as an empath has enabled her to live authentically and have fun being herself. Valencia is excited to continue coaching women who identify as empaths on stepping into their power and being courageous by standing up for themselves and becoming the heroes of their lives. She lives in Denver, Colorado.


Contact Valencia here: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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