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Healing your gut & emotional eating during a pandemic

Drew Martino, a digestive health expert and nutrition and life coach, discusses the stress and gut connection.

In This Episode:

The stress and gut connection

Emotional eating during a crisis

The nourishing mindset shift for emotional eating

Cheap, simple ways to eat gut healthy

Episode Notes

Today’s guest, Drew Martino is a nutrition health coach, internationally certified life coach, and a digestive health expert. Her passion comes from her own background of struggling with digestive issues and an autoimmune condition. Through her years of training, dedication, and knowledge she healed herself from the inside out and now it’s her mission to help other women do the same. Drew works with women through her monthly membership and in her signature 4 week program, The Glow Method.


Contact Drew here: Website | Instagram

Work with Drew: The Glow Insiders Monthly Membership (includes the 4 week program--The Glow Method)


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