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Discovering your voice & rewriting your story after sexual trauma

A word of caution this episode does talk about domestic and sexual abuse and trauma so it may be triggering. Do what you need to do in this moment to look after your heart.

Today's episode features a powerful message from the warm, engaging and fellow introvert Lisa Martin on owning your survivor's voice and so much more.

In This Episode:

Dealing with abusive relationships as an introvert

Being a single mom with children with additional needs

Discovering your voice after domestic and sexual abuse

Owning your survivor’s voice

Being an introverted author

Addressing your own needs in the midst of trauma and while grieving

About Lisa:

Lisa Martin is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and the Founder, CEO and creative soul behind Lisa Martin Designs and Lisa Martin Coaching. As an artist, she handcrafts and curates bespoke and limited edition gemstone & crystal jewelry, stationery, paper goods, and printables to uplift, inspire and empower women daily.

As a soul guidance and mindset coach and as a domestic and sexual abuse survivor, she specializes in supporting survivors of abuse, childhood trauma, heartbreak, loss and the women who feel like they have lost themselves. Lisa facilitates women’s rediscovery and reconnection back to their heart and soul. She then guides them to rewrite their story through 1:1 heart-led coaching, group coaching, retreats and creative wellbeing and mindset workshops.

Lisa is also a mental wellbeing advocate, writer and author of the new book The Girls Who Refused to Quit, featuring 14 inspirational women who overcame life’s adversities and how they rewrote their stories.

Lisa Martin lives in the beautiful market town of Beverley in Yorkshire, England. She has four children, and two granddaughters. (one she lost through adoption and the other whom she oversees as legal guardian).

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