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A woman of color’s experience in the workplace: Owning your voice & managing your energy

In This Episode:

Being a woman in a corporate, masculine workplace

Male biases of women in the workplace

A woman of color’s experience networking with white women

White women’s biases of women of color

Speaking up as a woman of color in the workplace

Identifying your work values

Coping mechanisms for highly sensitive people

Energy healing for stress and overwhelm: Reiki, Tapping, NLP

Using NLP to better communicate with people

A children’s book on diversity and acceptance

Episode Notes

Today’s guest is Angy Tsafos, a mindset and life coach as well as an energy healer at The NET Life. She is really passionate about helping women believe in themselves and lead a positive life away from stress, anxiety, self doubt, self criticism and people pleasing.

Her focus is to nurture and empower women to love and trust themselves so that they can operate from a place that is steeped in their values and feel worthy. Her deepest wish is for her clients to have the confidence to own their inner power and to recognise that they have all it takes to lead the life they aspire to.

She uses a variety of techniques such as NLP, coaching, Reiki and meditation as well as knowledge gathered as a successful consultant in banking to help women confidently share their voice and set strong boundaries in business and their lives. She is also a published children's book author.


Contact Angy here: Website | Instagram | Facebook

Children’s book on diversity and acceptance: Global Sebbie goes to India


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