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Guide to female introverted leadership and life transitions.

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Moving cities or countries? 

Managing a team or want to position yourself as a leader in your field? 

Thinking about a career change?

Overcommitted schedule, daily firefighting and not sure what to prioritize?

Women’s leadership & life transitions coach.

International communicator & marketer.

World traveler & UK expat.


I do things a little differently here. I’m not your typical “executive coach” to tell you how to fit in. Nah, I help you radiate your individual leadership style and make the most out of your energy levels. As an introvert, I believe your perceived weaknesses are your strengths and the key to reducing your stress, overwhelm, overcommitted schedule and exhaustion in your personal and professional life.


I’m Heather, founder of A Restored Radiance coaching and your guide who helps you shine brightly as the leader you thought you could never be. It’s time for you to step into your power as the introvert leader who disrupts the extroverted alpha male status quo and introduces a different leadership style that empowers others! 


The more we step into our own power, the more we’re modelling this behavior to future generations of female leaders and showing them that success isn’t created in a cookie cutter shape. It is defined and created by each individual. The future is female and so is now! 


I’m obsessed with building a more nurturing culture where introverted women can own their unique leadership style and not be ashamed of the skills and strengths they bring to the table. Your difference is a superpower girl and it’s time to identify, cultivate and grow it! 





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